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Transform your health

Every Single Person I know Has A Fitness Or Physique Goal.

Every Single Person I know Has A Fitness Or Physique Goal.

Want to run like Usain Bolt or throw down like Ronda Rousey all while having Wonder Woman’s or Thor’s physique?


Want to be leaner, stronger, faster, and healthier than ever before?


Of course you do.


I don’t blame you.


Heck, I want to look like Thor. (Seriously, though, who wouldn’t?)

High Expectations Are Necessary.


require my coaching clients to establish a vision before they ever set foot in the gym.


However, it’s very likely the vision you created for your future self is intense and requires a relentless commitment to change and betterment.


When my clients first start, pursuing their vision seems daunting and impossible.




Three reasons:


  • Mapping out a plan to lose weight or put on muscle is hard.


  • Taking that first step toward your goal is even harder.


  • Staying on that path indefinitely is hard as hell. 

That’s Where Coaching Comes In.

Here’s what a very well-known coach and founder of Training for Warriors, Martin Rooney, says about coaching,

Coaching is about making people do things they already know they should be doing.

I love that. It’s a perfect summary to what I do on a daily basis, whether in the gym or online with my clients.


cultivate change. 


Attaining your vision is about chipping away at your goals day-by-day.


It’s about having a laser-like focus on what matters most in the moment—that’s what I’m here for.


I will help fine-tune your daily commitments, hold you accountable to your goals, providing guidance and support along the way.


Ultimately, I am here to inspire change. 

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But, Great Coaching…

Well, that requires more than just spitting out macros and reps/sets schemes. It relies heavily upon building relationships, so I’ll not only be your coach, but a friend and mentor as well.


When I work with you, you and your success is most paramount. I’m going to do whatever it takes to ensure you change, feel better, and make progress.


I don’t say that lightly.


I’m committed to helping you move better, feel better, and crush your goals like never before.

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Ultimately, I want to work with YOU if…

  • You feel stuck and can’t get the scale to budge
  • Your body hurts and you feel like crap in the gym
  • The muscle-building process confuses you or you’ve plateaued
  • You lack accountability, social support, and direction, and/or…
  • You want to find a new level of happiness and confidence in your body like never before.

Do YOU Fit The Mold?

Congratulations! You’ve read this far and taken the first step in your journey to change. Take action and hit the apply button below. Stop spinning your wheels and commit to doing better.


Whether you want to work side by side in the local Grand Rapids, MI area, or get together by using my online program, we will find a way to make traction.


Still not ready? Check out my Thumbtack in the meantime to find testimonials by those who’ve taken their first steps and beyond.


Questions? I’m always available. Just send an email to



Submit your online application form

Before starting our work together, we need to make sure we are the right fit. The 10-question application form will give me a better idea of your level of fitness, goals, and lifestyle so I can better determine if we will make a great coach-client fit to deliver you the best results.


After applying you will know within 1-2 business days if you've been accepted

Once accepted, you will receive a Welcome letter and invitation to join Brian's online coaching program. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get to know Brian better in this approval phase.


Get focused on your current level of fitness and future goals

Via a series of questions and exercises, Brian will get to know you better so that he can create a custom exercise and nutrition program that perfectly fits your needs. Previous injuries? Food allergies? Aches and pains? No problem. In the assessment phase, you will give Brian a head's up on it all.


Let the fun begin!

In this phase, Brian provides you with a comprehensive meal and workout plan AND the accountability and knowledge that you need to see it through. He is there for you every step of the way to prevent injury and ensure you reach your health and fitness goals.


You've made it!

By this phase, Brian has equipped you with the knowledge and power to transform your mind and body. Health is now a habit, a part of who you are and you can't get enough of it.

Apply today for online coaching!
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